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Grow Project growing dreams and talents and started the Marimba Band.
The Marimba drums were built by members of the band and the costumes were designed and made by the Grow Project.
Grow Project promote the band by arranging various venues for them to perform and the band has now grown from two members to four, entertaining all around the West Coast and making their dreams come true



Grow Project made the dreams of these dancers come true.

‘I asked one of the men, Belson Malunga, who joined our project and manufactured handbags, what his dream were. 
He told me that his dream were to become a ballet dancer in order to grow his career in performing arts. 
Grow Project arranged ballet classes with a professional dance school and he is currently receiving his training. 
Since then, we have reached out to the children in our community and the aim is for Belson Malunga to run our performing arts project in the coming future.’