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Grow Project will create a main source of livelihood for the nearby community, support for micro-enterprise activities based on growing organic food, handmade recycled items, fresh local products and the creation of an Early Learning Centre and adult education facilities.

Teach our community about our heritage and our environment by protecting our fynbos species and creating a sanctuary and heritage library.


Grow Project will teach our community and schools in growing natural organic nutritional food, safeguard biodiversity of our future and putting nutrition back into mother earth.
Grow Project will save our environment by growing earthworms in order to naturally fertilize the soil as well as growing organic fertilizers and compost.


Today the focus is largely academic and the learning process is more passive than interactive and experiential
Children are dealing with high levels of social, economic and personal stress and pressure.  Grow earth child school will get children involved in our earth saving project, teaching arts & crafts, business skills, organic farming, respecting their environment and growing self-worth, confidence and young entrepreneurs.


  • Tunnels organic farming
  • Earthworm Farming
  • Protea planting
  • Farm stalls shop space
  • Earth Child School
  • Children play area
  • Workshops
  • Heritage Library
  • Fynbos Sanctuary
  • Arts & Crafts Centre
  • Centre abused woman & children
  • Tourist Attraction
  • Producing local West Coast Food
  • Career Opportunities
  • Performing Artists of our area
  • Restoration of our old buildings see budget breakdown