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The Grow Project was founded in 2009 in Langebaan by Sonja Maingard in order to improve the West Coast Community and in the long run, ripple out to the rest of South Africa.

THE MISSION:  To improve the local community by preventing crime, drug abuse, fighting poverty, creating business opportunities, and growing hope for a brighter future.
At the end of 2009 she managed to “grow” 100 people around the West Coast providing them space in society.   

She utilized her designing skills, creating traditional West Coast products in order to grow their individual businesses.

She reached out to the less fortunate, abused woman & children, the elderly, the sick and the mentally challenged, everyone who required hope, self-worth and growth within themselves.

Her passion and vision has not stopped and is by no means even close to fulfilment as she embarks on even bigger and more ambitious projects within the West Coast area during 2010.

Her scope for improvement in “Growing” our world has expanded towards growing organic food, earthworm farming, earth child school, farm stalls, heritage and a fynbos sanctuary in order to create a larger scope of opportunities for everyone in need.