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memberGrow Project is a centre that provide people with machines, material and training on manufacturing various market related products.
Various small manufacturing industries has developed, teaching people how to manufacture products, market their products, manage a business as well as support their partners growing each others business.

The hand-rolled beadindustry provides the jewellery, chandeliers-, and jewellery industries with a variety of clay and West Coast sand rolled beads.

marimba band

chandelierThe Grow Project photo label each business products and market their products in order for them to receive large volumes of product orders, in order to support the whole chain of small industries together.

Handmade wire chandeliers of any design and beaded out with natural hand-rolled beads.

beadsThe Grow Project further aim to grow people’s dreams and talents and started the Marimba Band and Performing Arts.
The Grow Project train people to design and manufacture upmarket handmade jewellery.  The jewellery industry support the hand-rolled bead industry by placing orders with them for their jewellery manufacturing.    

bagsHandmade shoes being manufactured. 
Hand cutting of soles, inners and tops being decorated with beads.
Handbags, shopping bags, promotional gift bags and Hammocks being manufactures our of the local West Coast recycled fishing nets. Grow Project provide each proud student and future business owner with certificates and also assist them with designing their business names and logos in order for them to become self-sustainable and continue to market them and their businesses.